PJSC "Pigment" - one of the leading companies in Russian chemical complex. The product portfolio includes more than 350 kinds of high-quality and environmentally friendly products for various industries - construction, oil, paint, paper, printing, light industry, furniture and others.


Annual turnover is more than 5 billion rubles.

Annual increase in production in the dynamics over the past 3 years within 20%

In the Top list of 100 largest and 10 fastest growing chemical companies in Russia

Company employs ~ 1760 persons on permanent basis Product portfolio contains more than 350 products

More than 2,000 regular customers in Russia and CIS countries.

The only producer of organic pigments, dyes, optical brighteners, sulfamic acid in Russia and the CIS Member of the international environmental program «Responsible care» since 2010


Land ownership -144 ha

Real estate - more than 400 objects of industrial, warehouse and office facilities.

Customs warehouses and temporary storage houses

Tanks and vessels for liquid product storage with total capacity of 12 500 m3

Road network

Railways Industrial park «Tambov» is located on the site of PJSC «Pigment».


• Application of innovative resource-saving technologies, ensuring the safety of the environment and human health. Reduction of energy consumption by 20% in 2017, while growth of production volumes to 8 billion rubles.

• Conservation of water resources by reducing water consumption, control of the aquifer conditions, use of technology, allowing to return the water back to the production cycle.

• Expansion of chemicals range by products used in construction, refining, pulp and paper, paint, printing, light industry and other industries focused on life quality improvement.

• Social protection of our employees, indicated by wage increase by 10% annually, expanding social package, improvement of working conditions. Implementation of programs aimed at improving the professional skills of the staff, career growth, attracting young specialists.