Today PJSC «Pigment» produces chemicals in 9 production plants. All of them are equipped with modern facilities, and controlled by automated systems. Each production can be called «plant within the plant». In general, the created complex can be compared with European industrial parks. Now Pigment produces fine chemicals. This is a complicated high-tech manufacture, which is supported by serious research basis.

The competitiveness of businesses is provided by innovative technologies. PJSC «Pigment» is dedicated to production of chemicals, completely meeting the requirements of our customers. The activities in the field of «business to business» means a huge responsibility for the company, because finally, it results in the quality of goods produced by our buyers and business partners.

Quality of products of  PJSC «Pigment» is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Currently, the scope of certification includes the design and manufacture of fuel additives, resins, varnishes for the paints production, admixtures for concrete, acrylic emulsions, PVA dispersions and adhesives, sulfamic acid, optical brighteners, modifier of rubber mixtures-Maleid F. Technical upgrading and restructuring process covering all plants and departments. Regular modernization of production is the foundation of our success.