Own Research & Development Center includes 8 profile laboratories with highly skilled chemists. Basic mission:

-              technical support of our customers;

-              development of new products and new finished formulations;

-              development of custom tailored products.

Innovative development of the company in the field of new technologies and products provided in collaboration with leading domestic and foreign partners.

Our partners in research and development

Global: I EM A, Austria IHT, Czech Republic NTL, Greece Sun Chemical, Belgium BASF, Germany Rockem, China Sochim, Italy Lubrisol, UK Profarb, Poland Mallac, India Pioneer, India VUHT, Slovakia Sulzer

Domestic partners: JSC “VNII NP”, Moscow FGUP “NAMI”, Moscow GUP “Nil GB ’’.Moscow CNIIF, St. Petersburg JSC “VNIIB ”,St. Petersburg Moscow State University Tambov State Technical University

Main results of cooperation: - 20 new products per year - 60 optimized technologies Production technology of different grades of Pigments.

Patented developments of PJSC «Pigment»: Concrete admixtures based on Polymethylene Naphthalene Sulfonate and Lignin Sulfonates; Monomethyl Aniline and catalyst production technologies;Washing fuel additive; High octane booster for automotive fuels; Finished formulation of Optical Brighteners; Water Dispersion paints;Water based Styrene Acrylic copolymer dispersions technology;Varnish PF-060 with special additives technology;