We offer the services of "Warehouse for temporary storage" (TSW) and "Customs warehouse of open type" (TS).
Pigment PJSC invites you to conclude an agreement on the use of TSW and TS services of an open type for storage and clearance of your export-import cargo at reasonable prices. An employee of the customs inspection team works to conduct and arrange the inspection of your export-import cargo.

TSW and TS open type PJSC "Pigment" is located at:
Russia, 392000, Tambov, st. Installers, 1.
Phone for information:
Dispatcher - (4752) 79-50-61, 79-53-62;
Open type temporary storage warehouse - (4752) 79-53-22.

Driving directions: Brigadnaya, Zheleznodorozhnaya, Kronshtadskaya, Proletarskaya, Komsomolskaya square, Morshanskoye shosse, Montazhnikov streets.

Directions to Pigment PJSC: from the railway station - trolleybuses 3, 5, bus 32 to the stop of Pigment PJSC (final stop);
From the city:
- from the stop "Derzhavin University", transfer to trolleybuses 3, 5, 11, 12, bus 32, travel to the stop of Pigment PJSC (final stop);
- from the stop "Moskovskaya", the transition to the street. Moskovskaya, travel by trolleybus 3, 9, 12 to the stop of Pigment PJSC (final stop).


Pigment PJSC has free capacities for carrying out the processes:
- hydroxyethylation with ethylene oxide;
- sulfonation with oleum and sulfuric acid.
We are ready to consider proposals for loading these capacities.


PIGMENT PJSC offers services for the production and packaging of household chemicals (liquid and bulk), cosmetics (shampoos, liquid soaps, creams, etc.), building materials (glues, putties, grouts, various building mixes) and SMS (washing powders, bleaches).