TU 2241-310-05800142-2015

Aqueous dispersion of a thermosoluble copolymer of butyl acrylate, styrene and acrylonitrile

Application area:

Binder for impregnating non-woven materials from polyester fibers and glass fibers

Main advantages:

High film strength

High temperature resistance

High adhesion

High water and alkali resistance

Does not cause yellowing

Good compatibility with phenol- and urea-formaldehyde resins

Akratam ASN 03.2 forms an even transparent coating, ensuring the stability of the nonwoven material to deformation, shrinkage, organic solvents.





Milky white liquid without mechanical impurities. Opalescence is allowed

Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances,%

50 ± 1

Dynamic viscosity at t 25 ° C, Pa * С


Activity index of hydrogen ions, units. pH


Minimum temperature of film formation, ºС


Residual monomers content,%, not more than


Safety requirements:

4 hazard class


П / э container, shipment in container of the consumer is possible under the coordination.

Transportation and storage:

Transportation and storage at a temperature of not less than + 5 ° C and not more than + 35 ° C. When transporting in winter, it is necessary to use insulated vehicles.

The warranty period of storage is 6 months. Protect from direct sunlight!