TU 2241-267-05800142-2006

Aqueous dispersion of a copolymer of styrene, butyl acrylate and acrylic acid with modifying additives.

Application area:

It is used as a film former in the production of aqueous coatings and building finishing materials.

Product properties:

- resistance to frost, allowing transportation of the product with negative


- good water resistance;

- good penetrating ability in porous substrates;

good vapor permeability;

- high pigment capacity;

- resistance to mechanical stirring.





Milky white liquid without mechanical impurities. Opalescence is allowed

Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances,%, not less than


Dynamic viscosity at t (23,0 ± 0,5) ° С, Pa · s


Activity index of hydrogen ions, units. pH


Mass fraction of residual monomers,%, not more than


Minimum temperature of film formation, ° С


Frost resistance in freeze-thaw cycles not less than


Recommendations for use:

When composing formulations, it is necessary to check the compatibility of the components. Dispersion is well combined with most traditional components and additives:

- coalescents: butyl diglycol acetate, texanol, white spirit;

- fillers: chalk, calcite, dolomite;

- Defoamers based on silicones and mineral oils (VUK-037, VUK-034, Foamaster, etc.);

- dispersants and wetting agents based on low molecular weight polyacrylates;

- thickeners based on esters of cellulose, acrylates, polyurethanes;

The dispersion has antibacterial protection, but it is recommended to add the preservative in the composition of the paint (Acticide MV, Acticide FI).

Safety requirements:

4 hazard class


П / э container, shipment in container of the consumer is possible under the coordination.

Transportation and storage:

Transportation at a temperature of at least -30 ° C and not more than + 35 ° C.

Keep in packaged form in closed storage rooms.

The warranty period of storage is 6 months. Protect from direct sunlight!