TU 2241-315-05800142-2014

An aqueous dispersion of a copolymer of styrene, butyl acrylate and acrylic acid.

Application area:

Recommended for weatherproof coatings. In the conditions of high-temperature drying, it forms a strong, hard, wear-resistant coating. It has excellent gloss, transparency, low water absorption.

Can be used in wood varnish formulations.

Product properties:

- high water and alkali resistance;

- good penetrating ability in porous substrates;

good vapor permeability;

- high hardness of the film;

- resistance to mechanical stirring.





Milky white liquid without mechanical impurities. Opalescence is allowed

Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances,%

50 ± 1

Dynamic viscosity at t (23,0 ± 0,5) ° С, Pa · s


Activity index of hydrogen ions, units. pH


Mass fraction of residual monomers,%, not more than


Minimum temperature of film formation, ° С


Water absorption of a free polymer film for 24 hours at a film thickness of about 250 μm,%


Recommendations for use:

When composing formulations, it is necessary to check the compatibility of the components. Dispersion is well combined with most traditional components and additives:

- coalescents butyl diglycol acetate, texanol, white spirit;

- fillers: chalk, calcite, dolomite;

- Defoamers based on silicones and mineral oils (VUK-037, VUK-034, Foamaster, etc.);

- dispersants and wetting agents based on low molecular weight polyacrylates;

- thickeners based on esters of cellulose, acrylates, polyurethanes;

- compatible with water tinting pastes used for gloss varnishes.

The dispersion has antibacterial protection, but it is recommended that the preservative be added to the paint composition (Acticide MV, Acticide FI).

Safety requirements:

4 hazard class


П / э container, shipment in container of the consumer is possible under the coordination.

Transportation and storage:

Transportation and storage at a temperature of not less than + 5 ° C and not more than + 35 ° C.

Keep in packaged form in closed storage rooms.

When transporting in winter, it is necessary to use insulated vehicles.

Guaranteed shelf life 12 months. Protect from direct sunlight!