TU 2216-032-05800142-2008

Acrylic Binder

Aqueous dispersion of a styrene-acrylic copolymer.

Frostproof version - allows to transport the product at negative temperatures.

Application area:

Binder, optimized for price and quality, is intended for pigment printing on all types of printing equipment for textile materials made of natural, synthetic, synthetic and mixed fibers.

Product advantages:

- provides a bright, rich tone with high indicators of resistance to light;

- gives a good resistance to detergents, wet friction;

- allows you to get a soft, filled neck with a clear outline of the pattern.





Milky white liquid without coagulum and mechanical impurities

Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances,%, not less than


Activity index of hydrogen ions, units. pH

8.0 - 9.0

Stability of pigment coloring for textile printing on cotton fabric with the use of EmulteX-5BN to physicochemical effects

Meets the standard pattern

Recommendations for use:

Formulation of printed composition


water softened or condensate, g / kg


Binder EmulteX 5BN, g / kg

80-150 *

clamp (resin KF-MX2), g / kg


thickener SI, g / kg

18-30 **

* depending on the pigment concentration in the printing ink.

** depending on the viscosity required.

To ensure high guaranteed strength properties on tissues, we recommend

use a fixative in the amount:

Type of fabric


for mixed fabrics, g / kg


for medium tones of cotton fabrics, g / kg


for light tones of cotton fabrics, g / kg

0 -1

In the apparatus equipped with a high-speed stirrer, load EmulteX-5BN, pour water, and stir for 5-10 minutes (Emultex-5BN, pre-selection, mix). Then load the fixator (if necessary), mix for 5 minutes. Then slowly, in portions, injected thickener SI and mix for 10 minutes.

Correction of viscosity is made by thickener SI at pH> 7.5 (if necessary, the pH is adjusted with an aqueous solution of ammonia).

The printed composition is mixed with pigments, depending on the tone, in an amount of 5-50 g per 1 kg of printed composition.

Recommended conditions for heat fixing:

at 145-150 ° C - 5 minutes;

at 160 ° C - 2 min;

Strength testing is carried out 24 hours after the fusing of the printed fabric.


П / э container, shipment in container of the consumer is possible under the coordination.

Transportation and storage:

Transportation at a temperature of at least -25 ° C. During defrosting, the product retains its properties. Store in closed containers at a temperature of at least + 5 ° C.

The warranty period of storage is 6 months.