Modern construction can not be imagined without the use of chemical additives in concrete. It was thanks to the introduction of modern chemical additives in concrete that it became possible to obtain self-compacting concrete, a significant reduction in the consumption of cement, transportation of concrete mixtures over considerable distances, pumping of concrete mixtures, a significant reduction in construction time, etc. Chemical additives introduced into the concrete mix in the least amount in comparison with other components, are able to drastically change the properties of the concrete mixture and concrete. At the same time, the modern level of chemical additives makes it possible to consciously control the processes of structure formation of concrete.

PJSC "Pigment" represents a trademark of additives in concrete "KRATASOL" . The enterprise is one of the few manufacturers of the basis of additives-ionomeric polymers in Russia and the only producer of four kinds of additives at the same time in Russia:

  • Polymethylene Naphthalenesulfonates (PNS)
  • Aliphatic ionomeric polymers (AF)
  • Ionomer polymers based on melamine (MFS)
  • Additives based on polycarboxylates.

Taking into account the possibility of modifying the foundations, creating polymers of different architectures, combining them with functional additives, the perspectives of PJSC Pigment in solving modern construction problems are very significant. It should be noted that along with the creation of the bases of additives, the company is engaged in the development and production of finished final forms.

PJSC "Piment" pays much attention to the development of the direction " Additives in concrete". Over the past two years, this area of ​​the company's business is actively invested. At the same time, special emphasis is placed on the automation of production, the introduction of modern production technologies, and quality control of products. The company has an ISO 9001 quality system. When products are received, quality control is carried out at the stages of raw material preparation, the synthesis of intermediate products, the isolation of the finished polymer, and the release of additives. It should be noted that an important role in the stability of manufactured products is played by an automated control system for the synthesis of polymers.

In the direction of the additive to the concrete, the Scientific and Technical Center has been created, which includes a subdivision for the synthesis of additives in concrete, as well as a laboratory for testing the properties of concrete mixes and concrete. PJSC Pigment has a modern building laboratory for testing consumer properties of produced additives, studying the properties of new additives, selecting efficient solutions for customers. The synthesis laboratory "Additives in Concrete" is equipped with modern equipment for the synthesis of polymers, including an automated pilot plant, modern analytical equipment. The level of equipment production, the availability of qualified personnel, cooperation with scientific centers allows you to compete in a number of ways with the world's leading manufacturers of additives in concrete.

By the type of basis of additives in the concrete assortment can be divided as follows:

  • Additives based on polymethylene naphthalenesulfonates (PNS);
  • Additives based on aliphatic ionomeric polymers (AF);
  • Additives based on ionomeric polymers based on melamine (MPS);
  • Additives based on polycarboxylates (PC).