Superplasticizing - super-water-reducing additive for commercial concrete based on polycarboxylate firs

Highly effective superplasticizing and super-water-reducing additive for the production of concrete mixtures with a long time of preservation of mobility.

Kratasol PC mV is a rational combination of polycarboxylates of various architectures, modified lignosulfonates.

In terms of its consumer properties, the superplasticizing - super-hydrating additive meets the requirements of GOST 24211, EN934-2


Superplasticizer Kratasol PC m.V is recommended for the production of high-mobility, self-compacting concretes, if necessary, to maintain the mobility of concrete mixes. Kratasol PC m.V allows to obtain concretes with high performance characteristics (strength, water resistance, frost resistance).



§ Additive provides long-term preservation of mobility of concrete mixtures (3-5 hours).

§ High water-reducing effect - more than 20%.

§ The use of additives makes it possible to increase the strength of concrete by more than 20%.

§ The additive is combined with cement of various mineralogical and material composition.

§ Allows to save considerable costs when laying concrete (the additive allows to reduce the time of vibration or completely to abandon the vibration when obtaining self-compacting concrete).

§ The additive provides high values ​​of early and final strength.

§ The absence of chlorides allows the use of an additive for the production of reinforced and prestressed products.


The superplasticizer Kratasol PC m.V is introduced into the concrete mixture together with the mixing water, preferably with the last third of the mixing water. Do not add to the dry mix. After adding the additive to the concrete mix, it is necessary to ensure a sufficient mixing time for a uniform distribution of the additive in the concrete mix.

The additive is combined with air entraining admixture TM KRTASOL Aeromix if it is necessary to regulate the air entrainment (obtaining transport concretes, etc.), giving the concrete mixture special rheological properties, etc.


The recommended dosage of the additive is 0.6-1.7% of the liquid additive based on the weight of the binders. The dosage of the additive depends on the chemical and mineralogical composition of the cement, the time required to maintain the mobility of the concrete mixture. The range of recommended dosage supplements can be extended. The optimum dosage of the additive is established during laboratory selection. At the same time, the concrete composition is selected in accordance with GOST 27006 by any method that meets the design requirements for concrete and concrete mix, followed by adjusting properties by reducing water consumption and optimizing the dosage of the additive.



Indicator name


Indicator value


Homogeneous brown liquid

Density, g / cm 3 ,

not less than (at 20 ° C)


Activity index of hydrogen ions 2.5% aqueous solution, units. pH

5.0 ± 1.0



In liquid form, the additive is supplied in bulk in auto- and railway tanks, as well as in plastic containers of various capacities. Kratasol PC m.V is a non-toxic and non-flammable product.

The additive is transported by any mode of transport, in accordance with the regulations in force.


Store at a temperature of + 5 ÷ + 35 о С in a closed container. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If the recommended storage conditions are violated, the physical, chemical and consumer properties of the product may change. Observance of the recommended conditions allows storing the additive within 12 months from the date of manufacture.


It is recommended to use protective gloves when working with the additive. If the product gets on your skin, wash it off with soap and water. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor if necessary. Dispose of the additive according to local regulations, do not pour into the soil, water, sewerage.

Recommendations for the use of the additive are presented on the basis of the available practical experience with proper storage and use. For additional information, the customer should contact the technical support service of PAO Pigment, the direction "Additives in building materials". The consumer is encouraged to request updated technical data for the selected products.