The airinvolving AERO MIX additive represents the balanced combination of surfactants. Additive provides controlled airinvolvement in concrete and rastvorny mixes that promotes formation of system of the closed micropores in structure of material. Additive increases frost resistance and durability of concrete.


The AERO MIX is applied as the airinvolving additive to the concrete mixes intended for production of concrete and concrete goods and designs and also for construction the rastvornykh of mixes. It is recommended to use by production transport (bridge, road, etc.) the airfield designs which are operated in difficult environmental conditions. Additive meets for the consumer properties the requirements of GOST 24211. Additive is also applied at construction of any kinds of constructions in need of increase in frost resistance of concrete. The AERO MIX can be also used for regulation of rheological properties of concrete mix.


    The stable airinvolving effect that is caused by composition of additive.
    Additive consists of products of organic synthesis, doesn't contain industrial wastes.
    Use of additive provides increase in volume of air (gas) in mixes of heavy, fine-grained concrete and solutions for 2-6% about.
    Low dosages of additive.
    Possibility of use of additive together with softeners for transport construction (there is the corresponding conclusion of Research institute of transport construction - TsNIIS).
    Improves rheological properties concrete and the rastvornykh of mixes.
    Promotes formation of uniform structure with evenly distributed micropores, breaks the system of a capillary and open time, thereby increases durability of concrete.

Recommendations about application

The AERO MIX is entered into rastvorny mix together with zatvoreniye water, it is preferable with the last third of water of a zatvoreniye. It is impossible to enter additive into dry mix. After introduction of additive to concrete, rastvorny mix it is necessary to provide sufficient time of hashing for uniform distribution of additive in concrete mix. It isn't recommended to dose with other additives (plasticizing, etc.) in common, via one batcher. Combined use of additive with TM KRATASOL softeners is recommended: Kratasol of PFM, Kratasol-Ekstra, Kratasol, Kratasol-E, Kratasol-PL, Kratasol PK, Kratasol of AF, Kratasol S-3. At use of other additives introduction the AERO MIX in the last turn is recommended.


The dosage of additive depends on necessary amount of the involved air, the used mixing equipment, quality of materials, chemical and mineralogical composition of cement, a look concrete / растворной mixes. Area of the recommended dosages: 0,05-5-0,3% on a commodity product of cement weight. Range of the recommended dosages can be expanded. The optimum dosage of additive is defined when carrying out laboratory selections, industrial tests.


In a liquid form additive is delivered by filling in a car - and railway tanks and also in to plastic container of various capacity. The AERO MIX is nontoxical andnonflammable product.

Additive is transported by any kind of transport, according to operating


To store at a temperature + 5÷+35 of °C in the closed capacity. To avoid influence of direct sunshine. At violation of the recommended storage conditions there can be a change of physical and chemical and consumer properties of a product. Observance of the recommended conditions allows to store additive within 12 months from the date of production.

Precautionary measures

Use of protective gloves during the work with additive is recommended. At hit of additive on skin - it is necessary to wash away water with soap. Not to allow hit in eyes. At hit in eyes immediately to wash away a large amount of water, if necessary to see a doctor. To utilize additive according to local rules, not to pour out to the soil, reservoirs, the sewerage.

Recommendations about use of additive are submitted on the basis of the available practical experience at the correct storage and application. For more information it is necessary to address to service of technical support of PJSC Pigment, the direction - "Additives in construction materials".

We recommend to request the updated specifications on the chosen products.