Kratasol R is a complex additive based on polymethylene naphthalenesulfonates, surfactants, complexing agents.


The main area of ​​application is the dilution of raw sludge in the production of portland cement clinker. The use of the additive makes it possible to reduce the moisture content of the slurry while maintaining its fluidity, accelerate the process of dispersing the sludge, and improve the homogenization of the sludge.


Due to the fact that the composition of the additive provides for a complex effect on the components of the raw slurry: the plasticizing effect, the intercalation of components in the interlayer space of clay minerals, the formation of ionic complexes with slurry components, the variation of the thickness of solvate shells around the hydrated particles of the slurry components; Kratasol R provides:

  • decrease in relative humidity of raw sludge by 7-15% for Kratasol R grade A; and 3-7% for Kratasol R brand B, which allows to significantly save the heat costs for firing portland cement clinker;
  • stable liquefying effect in time - reduction of slurry spreadability after 72 hours - no more than 10% of the initial value;
  • contributes to the homogeneity of the sludge, prevents the phenomena of delamination of the sludge in time;
  • reduces energy costs when pumping sludge.

Kratasol R contains high-performance surface-active substances that reduce the structural viscosity of the slurry, destroying the spatial grids, allowing to significantly reduce the moisture content of the sludge.

Recommendations for use

Kratasol R should be administered as an aqueous solution in the raw slurry with stirring. The recommended dosage of Kratasol R is 0.05 - 0.3% dry matter based on the dry weight of the slurry. The type of additive and dosage is selected depending on the chemical and mineralogical composition of the slurry.

To determine the fluidity of the slurry, it is recommended to use the MHTI TN-2 fluid flow meter. It is possible to use two methods for evaluating the effectiveness of the additive, selecting the effective dosage:

1 - determination of the effectiveness of the additive to increase the spreadability of the slurry in comparison with the control experiment-without the use of an additive at the same humidity of the slurry;

2 - decrease of slurry humidity in comparison with control experiment (without additive) with the same consistency of slurry.

In the first case, the effectiveness of the additive (to increase spreadability of the slurry) for a given

The moisture content of the slurry is calculated by the formula (in%):

E = 100 * (Р Д -Р) \ Р,

where Р d - flowability of the sludge with the addition of a diluent, mm

P - spreading of slurry without addition of a diluent, mm.

In the second case, the effectiveness of the additive and the selection of its dosage are carried out by a relative decrease in the moisture content of the slurry (%) in comparison with the non-additive sample when comparing slimes of the same consistency -

Д в = 100 * ( Вб / д - Вд ) / Вб / д

A in -relative reduction of slurry moisture with the use of an additive,%

In b / d - the humidity of the slurry without the addition of a diluent,%

Вд - humidity of slurry with additive of thinner,% (flow of slurry with and without additive

completely coincide).

Physicochemical Properties


In liquid form, the additive is supplied in bulk in auto- and railway tanks, as well as in plastic containers of various capacities.

In dry form, the additive is packaged in paper or polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner or soft containers such as MKR (big bags).


Store at +5 - + 35 ° C in a sealed container. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If the recommended storage conditions are violated, the physical, chemical and consumer properties of the product may change. Observance of the recommended conditions allows storing the additive within 12 months from the date of manufacture. In the case of the freezing of the aqueous solution of the additive, after thawing and homogenization, the diluent of raw sludge Kratasol R can be used in accordance with the recommendations.

Recommendations for the use of the additive are presented on the basis of the available practical experience with proper storage and use. For further information, please contact the technical support service of PJSC "Pigment", direction - "Additives in building materials".

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