Kratasol Form – the special softener for concrete intended for regulation of rheological characteristics of rigid concrete mixes. Additive is a complex product on the basis of surfactants, the airinvolving components, the tiksotropnykh of additives.


Additive is applied by production of products on the basis of rigid concrete mixes by method of bezopalubochny formation (including prestrained), vibropressing. Additive can be applied by production of plates of a hollow flooring, sidewalk plates, small architectural forms, etc. Additive isn't a corrosion and active component of concrete, doesn't break a passive condition of steel fittings in concrete, doesn't cause her corrosion.

Advantages of use of additive

    reduces time and power costs of vibrating of concrete mixes;
    reduces risk of stratification of concrete mixes;
    improves formation conditions;
    provides plasticity of concrete mix up to the beginning of her skhvatyvaniye;
    gives to concrete mixes thixotropy, allows to keep the set geometry of products;
    reduces water requirement of concrete mixes.

Recommendations about application

 The recommended dosage of additive makes – 0,1÷0,2 of % on a commodity product of cement weight. Range of the recommended dosages of additive can be expanded. The optimum dosage of additive is established when carrying out laboratory selections. At the same time selection of composition of concrete is made in accordance with GOST by 27006 any method meeting the design requirements imposed to concrete and concrete mix with the subsequent correction of properties due to decrease in a consumption of water and optimization of a dosage of additive. Dispensing of additive needs to be carried out with an accuracy of ±2%.

Additive is entered into concrete mix together with zatvoreniye water, it is preferable with the last third of water of a zatvoreniye. At the same time it is necessary to provide effective hashing of concrete mix. Not to enter additive into dry mix.

At application of thermal treatment of products warming up should be carried out at a temperature no more than 70 ° C.

In case of long storage or use of large volumes of additive it is necessary to carry out periodic homogenization of additive by a barbotirovaniye compressed air or periodic hashing.

Recommendations about storage

To store at +5÷+35oC temperature in the closed capacity. To avoid influence of direct sunshine. At violation of the recommended storage conditions there can be a change of physical and chemical and consumer properties of a product. Observance of the recommended conditions allows to store additive within 6 months from the date of production.

Precautionary measures

Use of protective gloves during the work with additive is recommended. At hit of additive on skin – it is necessary to wash away water with soap. Not to allow hit in eyes. At hit in eyes immediately to wash away a large amount of water, if necessary to see a doctor. To utilize additive according to local rules, not to pour out to the soil, reservoirs, the sewerage.

Recommendations about use of additive are submitted on the basis of the available practical experience at the correct storage and application. For more information the consumer should address to service of technical support of PJSC Pigment, the direction – "Additives in construction materials". The consumer is recommended to request the updated specifications on a product.