TU 2241-355-05800142-2010

The aqueous dispersion based on a modified dispersion of PVA

Application area:

The adhesive dispersion PVA K-1 - one-component quick-drying water-resistant adhesive for wood, corresponding to the load group D 3 according to the European DIN / EN 204 standard.

Designed for bonding wiring, plywood, window frames, doors, furniture, flooring, for any carpentry work. Glues hard, soft wood chips, cellulose materials. With glued connections can continue to work after 6 hours of exposure. The adhesive dispersion PVA K-1 is used in the manufacture of all wooden interior, exterior, providing a reliable transparent adhesive joint, resistant to wind, humidity and steam.





The viscous liquid of white or slightly yellowish color, without lumps and foreign matter

Mass fraction of solids,%, not less


Dynamic viscosity (Brookfield, 20ob / min, №4 spindle), mPa · c

5000 - 12000

Activity index of hydrogen ions, ed. pH

2.0 - 4.0


Allowed skinning, which should be carefully removed before use.


Bonding surfaces must be dry and clean. Apply the glue with a thin even layer on one surface, connected to each of the bonding surface and press down. Minimum time of pressing at a temperature of + 20 ° C for wood and wood flooring - 20 minutes, for laminated boards - 30-40 minutes. The optimum operating temperature + 18-20ºS.


P / e packaging, can be shipped in a container by the consumer agreement.

Transport and storage:

Transportation at no less than + 5 ° C or more than + 35 ° C. During transportation in the winter it is necessary to use insulated vehicles.

Guaranteed shelf life of 6 months