GOST 14231-88

The resin is a polycondensation product of urea and formaldehyde.

The resin is made according to modern technology, using as raw material of urea-formaldehyde concentrate that provides a stable quality of resin and consumers eliminates ejection of methanol into the air that is present in the resins produced from formaldehyde.

Appearance: Homogenous suspension from white to light yellow color without foreign inclusions.


It is used as a binder in the production of plywood, glass fiber, for bonding pieces of furniture, millwork and building products, to strengthen the soil in road construction and drilling (binder).




Mass fraction of dry residue,%

67 ± 2

Mass fraction of free formaldehyde,%, not more


Viscosity at V3-246 (d 6 mm) at 20 ° C, with


Miscibility with water at 20 ° C in the ratio 1: 2


The gel time at 100 ° C, with


The concentration of hydrogen ions, the pH


Density at 20 ± 0,1ºS g / cm 3


Recommended adhesive formulations based on KF-F resin (M):

Formulation cold curing adhesive:

- Resin - 100 pieces;

- Oxalic acid 10% - 8-14 parts;

- PVA dispersion - 25-30 pieces.

Formulation hot curing adhesives:

- Resin - 100 pieces;

- Ammonium chloride 20% - 1% by weight of the resin, calculated as dry ammonium chloride.

Packaging and storage:

The resin is poured into the tank trucks, steel drums, according to customer's request in its own container. The resin was stored at 5-20ºS in tightly closed containers, protected from sunlight and rain.

Shelf life - 2 months from the date of manufacture.