TU 2223-287-05800142-2011

The resin is a condensation product of urea with formaldehyde plasticizer.

The resin is made according to modern technology, using as raw material of urea-formaldehyde concentrate that provides a stable quality of resin and consumers eliminates ejection of methanol into the air that is present in the resins produced from formaldehyde.

Appearance: Homogenous white suspension without foreign inclusions, allowed a yellowish tint.


It is used as a binder for strengthening of soil in road construction and drilling, production of mineral wool, to impregnate the glass fiber in the production of nonwovens.




Mass fraction of dry residue,%

69 ± 2

Mass fraction of free formaldehyde,%, not more


Viscosity at V3-246 (d 6 mm) at 20 ° C, with


Miscibility with water at 20 ° C in a ratio of 1:20


The gel time at 100 ° C, with


The concentration of hydrogen ions, the pH


Density at 20 ± 0,1ºS g / cm 3


The recommended compounding resin adhesives KF-MX-2:

Formulation cold curing adhesive:

- Resin - 100 pieces;

- Oxalic acid 10% - 8-14 parts;

PVA dispersion - 25-30 pieces.

Formulation hot curing adhesives:

- Resin - 100 pieces;

Ammonium chloride 20% - 1% by weight of the resin, calculated as dry ammonium chloride

Packaging and storage:

The resin is poured into the tank trucks, steel drums, according to customer's request in its own container. The resin was stored at a temperature of 5-20 ° C in tightly closed containers, protected from sunlight and rain.

Shelf life - 2 months from date of manufacture