Azoamine red


For fine organic pigment synthesis.

Technical name: Azoamin red

The empirical formula: C7H8N2O2

Appearance: homogeneous paste from yellow to orange

Technical requirements :

Crystallization temperature, ° C, at least
Mass fraction of amino compounds based on molecular weight of 3-nitro-4-aminotoluene,% not less
Mass fraction of the residue, insoluble diazo solution,%, no more

Scope: It is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of dyes

Packing: In metal drums with a capacity 200dm3. Allowed packaging in any other types of containers agreed with the customer.

Storage: Store as packaged in the closed warehouses

Safety: 3-nitro-4-aminotoluene dry - combustible, auto-ignition temperature of 450 ° C. When the moisture content to 40% - hard-combustible.
The substance is moderately hazardous, belongs to the 3rd class of danger.