Application area It is used for painting metal, wood, brick, plaster, concrete and other surfaces that are used in atmospheric conditions and indoors.

Suspension of pigments and fillers in alkyd varnish with the addition of solvents, drying agent and functional additives.

Basic properties The coating has good decorative and protective properties with high whiteness and brilliance, resistant to water, detergents and technical oils. With proper use of enamel and compliance with the operating conditions, it will last for 8-10 years.
Technical details
Solvent Solvent, white spirit (nefras C4-155 / 200), solvent TTS-1.

Consumption 90 g / m2

Packing 50l, 20l, Pp, 2kg, 1kg.

Storage To transport and store in densely closed container, having excluded hit of direct sunshine and moisture. Warranty period of storage is 12 months.

Colors White.