Application area It is used for concrete, plastered, puttied, plasterboard, wood fiber, chipboard, etc. indoor surfaces.

Suspension styrene-acrylic dispersion, titanium dioxide, fillers, surfactants and other targeted additives.

Basic properties Dry quickly (no more than 1 hour at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ° С), give a pleasant matte film with good performance properties, form a durable moisture resistant, dirt-repellent coating.
Technical details
Consumption 80-150 g / m2

Packing 50kg, 20kg, 12kg, 6kg, Zkg.

Storage In a tightly closed container, at a temperature not lower than 0 ° C, protecting from direct sunlight and moisture. Warranty period of storage is 12 months.

Colors In the range of 23 basic colors, respectively, each color has 7 tint colors. It is possible to manufacture flowers according to the sample.