Application area It is used to cover furniture, as well as other wooden and metal surfaces indoors.

Alkyd resin solution in organic solvents modified with rosin, vegetable oils, tall oil with added siccative.

Basic properties It forms a perfectly smooth and glossy surface that protects against the effects of foaming agents, moisture and mechanical damage. The varnish of PF-283 differs in high profitability. Abrasion resistant coating.
Technical details
Solvent Turpentine, solvent, xylene or their mixture with white spirit (nefras C4-155 / 200) in a 1: 1 ratio.

Consumption 70-75 g / m2.

Packing 50kg

Storage In a tightly closed container, away from heating devices, electrical devices, food, in places inaccessible to children. Warranty period of storage is 12 months.