Application area Primer GF-0119 is designed for priming metal surfaces of general use in civil and industrial construction, mechanical engineering under the coating of various enamels. And also for temporary protection against corrosion in a single-layer coating of metal structures for the period of installation and storage. 

Primer is a suspension of pigments, including anticorrosive, fillers and stabilizing additives in alkyd varnish. After drying, it forms a uniform matte protective film with good adhesion to the surface to be protected and the top covering layer. 

Basic properties - passivating barrier primer; 
- excellent adhesion; 
- resistance of the film to the effects of temperatures from minus 40 to plus 40 ° C; 
- can serve as an independent coating for temporary protection of structures. 

Technical details
Solvent White spirit, xylene, solvent and mixtures thereof 

Consumption 60-100 g / m 2 

Packing 50l, 20l. 

Storage In a dry room at a temperature of minus 40 ° C to plus 40 ° C. 
Warranty period of storage of 12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened original packaging. 

Colors Gray red brown