Kratol is a product based on sulfamic acid.

It is used in the oil industry with acid treatment of the bottomhole formation zone, it is used as the main component of dry acid formulations, and can also be used in the composition of sediment-forming reagents.

Quality indicators

The norm according to TU 2121 - 415 - 05800142 - 2014


A crystalline product of white color

Md Basic substance,%, n / m


Corrosion rate on steel St3, g / m 2 · h, n / b

0, 2

Md Ammonium sulfate


Md Moisture,%, n / b


Mass fraction of substances insoluble in water,%, n / b


Mass fraction of iron,%, n \ b



The percentage of product injection Kratol in the composition of dry acid reagents and sediment-forming formulations is individual and ranges from 20 to 80% by weight. This is due to the geological conditions of a particular well, the type of reservoir, the hydrodynamic characteristics of the well in the bottomhole and remote zones, and also the carbonate content of the rock.

The optimum temperature range for dissolving the Kratol reagent is 55 - 60 ° C.

Before using the Kratol reagent at temperatures above 70 ° C, it is necessary to consult the specialists of PJSC Pigment.