Kratalit is a complex additive based on polymethylene naphthalenesulfonates, surfactants, complexing agents.

Application area

The main area of ​​application is the liquefaction of drilling fluids on a clay basis when drilling wells. The use of the additive allows to accelerate the process of dissipation of clays, to improve homogenization, to reduce the conventional viscosity and rheology of the solution.


Due to the fact that the composition of the additive provides for a complex effect on the components of the drilling mud, it effectively disperses the clay particles present in the drilling mud, reducing viscosity by decreasing the interaction between the particles of the solid phase, preventing flocculation of bentonite solutions, improving the quality of the filter cake, giving it a high density and low permeability;

Kratalit provides:

  • Stable in time diluting effect;
  • Contributes to the homogeneity of the solution, prevents the phenomena of delamination of the solution in time;

Kratalit contains high-performance surface-active substances that reduce the structural viscosity, destroying spatial grids, allowing to significantly reduce the rheological parameters.


The recommended dosage of the additive is 2 - 5 kg / m 3 of solution in terms of dry matter. The range of recommended dosage supplements can be extended. The optimum dosage of the additive is established during laboratory selection. It is recommended to dispense with an error of not more than ± 2%.

physical and chemical indicators

The name of the indicator

Indicator value

Test method



1. Appearance

Homogeneous brown liquid

Powder of brown color

According to GOST 27025 (section 1)

2. Mass fraction of active substances,%, not less than



According to GOST 14870

3. Density (at 20 ° C), g / cm 3 , not less than



According to GOST 18995.1 (section 1)

4. Bulk density, kg / m 3 , not less than



According to GOST 27801

5. Activity index of hydrogen ions (pH) of the aqueous solution of the additive with the mass fraction of the main substance 1%, units. PH

9 ± 2

9 ± 2

According to ISO 4316


In liquid form, the additive is supplied in bulk in auto- and railway tanks, as well as in plastic containers of various capacities.

In dry form, the additive is packed in paper or polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner or soft containers such as MKR (big bags).


Store at a temperature of +5 ÷ +35 о С. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If the recommended storage conditions are violated, the physical, chemical and consumer properties of the product may change. Observance of the recommended conditions allows storing the additive within 12 months from the date of manufacture. In the case of the freezing of the aqueous solution of the additive after thawing and homogenization, the dispersant of the raw slurry Kratasol P can be used in accordance with the recommendations.

Precautionary measures

It is recommended to use protective gloves when working with the additive. If the additive gets on your skin, you should wash it off with soap and water. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor if necessary. Dispose of the additive according to local regulations, do not pour into the soil, water, sewerage.

Recommendations for the use of the additive are presented on the basis of the available practical experience, in compliance with the rules and recommendations for transportation and storage.

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