Maleid's application F allows to solve problems of high-temperature curing, allowing unlike sulfuric, to conduct curing of rubbers of general purpose at a temperature of 183 °C practically without reversion and to receive rubbers with good physical and chemical properties.

Maleid F increases communication durability the rezinokordnykh of systems for 20%, increases resistance of rubber mixes to premature curing and heat stability of vulcanizers.
Maleid F by efficiency of action and physical and chemical properties is at the level of the best world analogs.
Maleid F allows to receive rubbers with a high fatigue durability, especially after thermal aging.

Represents the composition consisting of 75% of N, N-metafenilendiamina and 25% of binding additives.
Maleid F receive acylation of a metaphenylenediamine maleic anhydride in the presence of acetic anhydride and the catalyst among the organic solvent with the subsequent filtering, entering of additives, a granulation and drying.


Brand A - granules of a cylindrical form from yellow till brown color no more than 30 mm long, with a diameter from 4 to 5 mm.
Brand B - granules of a cylindrical form from yellow till brown color diameter and 5-6 mm long.

Technical characteristics:

Mass fraction of the main substance, % 75±8
Mass fraction of water, % no more than 0,5
Mass fraction of ashes, % no more than 0,5
Mass fraction of a dust-like product,
passed through a sieve 59,1 holes/сm2, no more than

Packaging and storage::

Maleid F pack into a cardboard navivnye drums with polyethylene inserts on 25-30kg.
The product is stored in the covered storage facilities far from heating devices.

Warranty period of storage - 6 months from the date of production.