PJSC Pigment offers textile auxiliaries used in the production of fabrics and threads: cotton, wool, blended, synthetic. The company has antistatics, lubricants, fixers, softeners, water-and-oil repellent, sizing, seams, agents for imparting special properties to materials (waterproof properties, hardness, etc.). In addition to textile auxiliaries, Pigment implements dyes for various types of fabrics.

Super softener

Lactating drug A

Silicone Softener


Anti-slip drug for cotton

Kratan, Kratan VO

Water soluble lubricator for wool and synthetic fibers


MA-S lubricator

Disperser NF

Straightener for wool and polyamide

Cotton straightener

Formaldehyde-free fixers BZK-1, BZK-2

Formaldehyde fixer universal BZK


Super softener S

Wetter B