TU 2484-192-05800142-2004 with amendment 1

Environmentally friendly formaldehyde fixer cationic BZK is an aqueous solution of high-molecular compounds, is a cationic textile auxiliary drug.

Basic properties:

The brands of formaldehyde-free fixer of cationic BZK-U, BZK-U concentrated and BZK-N are designed to increase the resistance of fabrics and other textiles made from cellulose fibers dyed with direct, active and sulfur dyes to wet treatments.
The fixer brand BZK-N is resistant to hard water, prevents the dye from falling into the dyebath during the fixer process.
The fixatives increase the color stability by 1-2 points compared to the resistance of the color of the raw fiber.
At the same time, the color stability to light does not change.
Give a soft neck to the processed materials.
Can be used, both on the equipment of periodic, and continuous action.