Universal biologically mild detergent for all textile processing processes, machine types, various fibers.

Basic properties:

Effective detergent, especially for use in single-phase dyeing / washing processes.
The drug is able to remove a wide variety of liquid and solid contaminants due to the combination of the properties of emulsification and dissolution.
Anti-precipitating components of the preparation ensure the maintenance of already removed contaminants in the emulsified state, and prevents their re-deposition on the fiber or equipment elements.
The small size of the molecules ensures the efficiency of penetration of the drug into the fiber or dense twist yarn.
The preparation can be used at any technological temperatures, up to 140? С.
It is stable in the presence of hydrogen peroxide (but not chlorites), reducing agents (with reducing clarification), alkalis (up to normal concentrations of caustic soda in a whitening bath of about 15 g / l) and acids used in washing and dyeing.
Low foaming ability makes it possible to use the drug in "jet" devices with a hard mode.
It does not adversely affect the color stability of dispersed dyes on polyester, it is effective in soap making.
It does not adversely affect enzymes when used in textile processes.